We help celebrities unveil their social power for good!

Pricelessly channels celebrities’ social media influence into funding for charity and raise awareness for social causes in the CEE region. We are prize and rewards-based fundraising platform for world’s philanthropic causes. 

Pricelessly is an exposure-producing and fundraising platform: we enable influential figures (celebrities) to mobilize their fans to raise funding and awareness for social causes, as well as widely engage and incentivize their fan-base with minimum effort. We takes not more than 10% commission of the funds we help ro raise in each campaign to cover our operational expenses (while 90% of the raisings go to charities/social causes).


  • We let celebrities fundraise online with no hassle! With Pricelessly influential figures can build social awareness on a large scale, leverage social networks and mobilize large funds and communities. 
  • Nonprofits receive a powerful tool to promote themselves at zero cost and raise more funds.
  • We let fans meet their favorite celebrities and win outstanding prizes, by contributing to social causes.

IMPORTANT! Pricelessly currently runs in beta. If you suddenly come across a bug in the site - please let us know at help@priceless.ly If you have any recommendations or comments to the site - let us know via feedback@priceless.ly

For general inquiries - please email us to contact@priceless.ly. We are always happy to answer! 

Team Pricelessly