How it works


Choose your star

Celebrities with a generous heart have chosen to work with Pricelessly to make the priceless experience happen. You have the chance to meet your favorite celebrity by contributing to an important social cause, which is promoted by your star!


Support the cause

You can make the magic happen. Even a small contribution to the cause can make a difference for those who need our help. Make your contribution by buying special celebrity-related prizes and instantly enter into the big prize draw!


Choose your prize

Only you decide how much you want to contribute to the cause. With different tiers in each campaign, you are free to choose which prize you want to receive for your good doings. Based on the value of the chosen tier you receive equal amount of entries in the big prize draw.!


Bring your friends!

As soon as you've contributed to the chosen cause, you'll be given the option to choose among your friends and bring them with you to the priceless experience when you win. Share your experience with your closest friends!


Win the priceless

After the fundraising campaign closes, the winner of the big prize will be chosen at random and announced at the website. You'll be notified via email (or social network) and phone and provided with details of your priceless experience. You can maximize your chances to win by choosing top-tier prizes, which provide you with more entries to the big prize draw.